With whole cities in lockdown and individuals choosing to self-quarantine it’s a great time to ask yourself: “How can my website help me reach out to customers at home?”. It’s never been more important for your business to have a strong online presence, and it’s equally important to clearly communicate how your business is operating in these times.

Here’s a no-sweat checklist for you to run through, with simple ways for you to optimally utilize your website during the pandemic.

1. Update the homepage of your website

Update your homepage with a banner explaining whether you are fully operational during the pandemic. Make sure it’s prominently positioned and obvious to your website visitors. Even better, take a leaf out of Nike’s book and include a “run of site” banner on all of your website’s pages. Include a link to a news page or blog post with more information.  Which brings us neatly onto point number 2…

2. Add a webpage or a blog post clearly explaining your pandemic policies

Here’s where you can explain what changes you’ve made to your service. Some information to consider:

  • Is your store still open?
  • Are all locations affected?
  • Should customers expect a longer delivery time?
  • Are you still delivering to all regions?
  • What date will you revise or update your policy?

Even if you are fully operational, your clients will still want to be reassured of the measures you’re taking to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus. For example, are you providing your workers with sanitizers and masks where necessary? Are you implementing a curbside delivery service to protect your customers and your delivery staff? Reassure your audience by sharing how you are looking after their and the health of your workers.

3. Consider offering online deals 

Those of us who are cooped up at home are looking for pretty much any excuse to treat ourselves. Consumer insights research by Klaviyo shows that “The more time employed people spend living under stay-at-home guidelines, the more they start to buy impulsively.” And what’s more irresistible than a bargain? Now might be a great time to offer deals on your e-commerce platform.

If you’re a service-based platform, the US Chamber of Commerce has a great tip for you: “[offer] online sales of gift certificates. Encourage your customers to buy a certificate now, so they can treat themselves and redeem it when the virus outbreak has slowed and their self-quarantine period is over.”

4. Help boost visits to your website through social media channels

Share everything you’re doing with your followers on your social media channels. It might not occur to them that you’re still operating, take every opportunity to appear on their newsfeed.

Why not get creative? Small business owners are great at coming up with inventive and shareable ideas. UK-based card company Jelly Armchair has created adorable coloring in sheets free to download from their website – great for parents looking to keep their kids occupied! The restaurant chain, Sweetgreen, is sharing photos of front line workers they’re feeding for free during the pandemic.

We hope you’ve drawn some inspiration from today’s blog. Even if things seem quiet right now, it’s helpful and reassuring to remember that your customers and your clients are still out there, awaiting your return. These tips will help to ensure they know you’re here for them and keep your business fresh in their minds when lockdown or self-quarantine is lifted.

If you’re looking for innovative solutions to generate online business on your existing e-commerce website, or you’re considering e-commerce for the first time, we’re here, fully operational and working from home. We’re currently offering a free 1-hour consultation to discuss your needs, so get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help. Be sure to type “help my website” in the form to redeem a free month of SEO support when you hire us for your next project.