You’re hiring a custom web design company to get your website looking great and to get your website visitors on a smooth journey through to sale. Great idea. Custom web design continues to be an important part of your digital marketing strategy.

However, the problem with hiring outsourced companies to handle your website is that there’s a good chance they may withhold information to get you to spend on their services.

At jdp we operate differently. But more on that later. Take a look at 5 important things your custom web design company won’t tell you.

5 custom web design company home truths

  1. Your investment could be better spent elsewhere
  2. You’ve set aside a budget for digital marketing, you need to make that money go as far as you can. A custom web design company is likely to sell you on the importance of their services, but they’re unlikely to give you the full picture or suggest alternative services that may better benefit your business.

    There are many variables when it comes to deciding where best to invest. Depending on your business model, your position within the industry, and your budget, you might be better off building a simple website and putting the bulk of your investment into, say, social media or creating systems to streamline your internal operations.

  3. SEO requires a lot of maintenance
  4. Web design and development is just the first chapter of a long story. Custom web design companies might (intentionally or not) give a false impression of the amount of maintenance their fully optimized website will require moving forward.

    Make sure that both you and your web design company are clear on how much you’ll need to invest in the long term in order for your new website to sustain its effectiveness with regards to search engine optimization (SEO) and to keep the website running smoothly.

  5. Your branding needs work
  6. Most digital marketing companies strongly delineate custom web design and branding. If you order custom web design, they’ll most ask for a branding document as part of their brief, and adhere to your existing branding in all eventualities. Sometimes, it’s not an issue at all, but what if your branding is causing a disconnect with your online customers? Companies that are hired purely for custom web design may not go the extra mile to communicate their concerns and address them.

How jdp is different

At jdp, we envision your business as a vehicle with many important component parts, all of which have to function efficiently to keep your business in motion and running smoothly. We are mechanics.

Most digital marketing companies offer services, expecting their clients to know exactly what their business needs before they come to them. But, we see a major flaw in this approach. Most businesses don’t just need one service, but rather a combination of services to supercharge the efficiency of their digital marketing investment. We call it Value Proven in Performance.

With every new client, we consider ourselves an extension of their organization and use any combination of tools at our disposal to further their interests – custom web design is just one of those tools. Like a good mechanic, we don’t just fix the windshield wipers when we see a problem with the engine.

We build solutions from the bottom up. We lift the hood on your business to find out where your investment would be best placed, and take into consideration your budget, and existing capacity to handcraft a strategy that suits your needs specifically.

Effective communication with your customers is at the heart of all of our strategies. Instead of “branding”, we develop a visual and verbal “language” for your business to ensure that your business authentically connects with your customers’ needs and motivations. If there is a disconnect, we’ll address it and create a solution for you.

Start your journey with a visit to the mechanics. Get honest, expert advice on how to supercharge your digital marketing investment. Get in touch for a free 15-minute consultation.