Creating a high-performance landing page might be one of the most underrated but valuable assets to your Shopify website. The better your page, the more likely your visitors are to make a purchase, and that’s a win for everyone! How do you create an expert Shopify landing page built for conversions? Let’s take a few minutes to discuss some key components.

What is the purpose of your landing page?

Think of a landing page as a doorway to the content you’re trying to expose your visitors to. This is an area of your site created to inform your customers and hopefully persuade them to advance their journey through to sale. As we touch on later, utilizing SEO tactics on a landing page will be a huge help in funneling some potential new customers.

Landing page best practices

There are a few crucial parts to building the “perfect” landing page:

  • Headlines
  • Your headlines are the “attention grabbers” for your visitors. Coming up with an enticing headline sets the tone for the rest of your page. This part of your page is much like a first impression, where the visitor should decide on whether or not they want to advance through your website.

    You should be concise but ensure that you are delivering exactly what the customer is searching for and turning your product or services into a solution they’ll want in their lives. A professionally written Shopify landing page should immediately connect with your customers, and spark intrigue that will lead them through to the rest of your virtual environment.

  • Images
  • While the text on your landing page is very important, there’s a reason for the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Breaking up walls of text with interesting images will help to (literally) paint a picture for your customers. Make sure the photos that you select are relevant to the products or services you are trying to sell to help keep their interest. Make sure it illustrates what’s being said in the copy.

    Don’t forget to use high quality and high-resolution images, professionalism will go a long way in this area. If you’re working on a budget, you can find incredible, high-resolution stock imagery for free on

  • Have a purpose
  • Throughout all of your written and image content, make sure the purpose of what you are trying to sell is transparent to your customers. Confusion kills sales. Make sure that you are doing your best to make customers feel at ease and fully understand what they are about to purchase or view. You can achieve this in a combination of ways using the headlines, photos, and text on your pages.

    Your services or items should also be a “problem solver” for your customers. Most of the time, when someone is looking to buy something, it’s for a reason. Gear your products or items toward solving solutions that your customers might be searching for (aka keyword research.) Finding the right search terms will help you connect with your audience and position your business in their path so that you can capture more traffic, and in turn increase conversions.

In conclusion

By following some best practices in combination with a valuable service or product, you will have the essential recipe for success for building an expert Shopify landing page that will boost conversion rates.

At jdp, our focus is always on creating the perfect virtual environment to drive sales. If you’re unsure as to the next steps for your eCommerce business, get in touch for a free consultation. We’ll assess your business and find where your investment can make the most impact.