We see you reenacting every Beyonce move in your repertoire after that first order came in. You knew your virtual plant-sitting service was worth taking a chance on, no matter what your sister said over the holidays! The rush of excitement hasn’t worn off yet, but how do you turn those first (and all those that follow) customers into life-long fans? Don’t worry; keep reading. We’ve got you and will keep you and your business feeling fierce and on top of the world!

Stay in touch

Your unique relationship with your customer does not end at the point of sale. In fact, this is when your relationship truly begins. Leaving them behind and focusing on new customers is the difference between selling a product and building a brand. Once you’ve sold your product or service, make sure to follow up. No, we’re not saying pester them with marketing emails. An automated email asking how they’re enjoying your product or service goes a long way.

Get to Know Your Customer (via Social Media)

Are you tired of hearing this one yet? All the digital marketing research in the world can’t help you if you don’t know who your customer is, why they chose you over the competition, and how they’re enjoying your brand. The most natural way to gather this type of information is through social media.

Your social media needs to be in line with your brand. Keep it human. And keep it regularly updated! It’s more important to have one very well looked after social media channel than 4 or 5 that are limping along. The latter shows a business that isn’t invested in its customers and is sure to have them heading straight to the competition.

Show Your Value

Communicating your value to your customer doesn’t have to mean being the cheapest on the market. Consumers are invested in supporting small businesses such as yours due to renewed sense of a global community. We are all in this together.

Some ways to show your value as a small business from the start:

  • up your presentation skills via eco-friendly wrapping and a little handwritten note
  • “Thank you for your order! I’d love to see you enjoying my product out in the real world! Please consider tagging me on Instagram. #WearingSocksWithPride”
  • your unique selling point and a call to action needs to be front and center on your shop and website
  • market your availability- will you be there if they have questions?

Reward Loyalty

Gone are the days where you’d have a loyalty card stuck to a piece of gum in the bottom of your purse. Thanks to the digital marketplace, you don’t need a tired stamp card. Instead, you can reward returning customers via well-timed email campaigns. Some ways to reward your customer base:

Style 1: Tempt Them Back

“We haven’t seen you in a while. How about 10% off on the following new items?”

Style 2: Partner with Another Company

“Purchases up to $30 will have a hot drink of choice waiting for them at the Takeaway Counter.”

Style 3: Make it into a Game

“Find Dolly the dog on the (optimized) online shopfront and get rewarded with 10% off your entire basket!”

Stuck? Overwhelmed? Ready to quit?

No need! Getting customers to keep coming back doesn’t have to be a matter of being the biggest fish in the pond. At jdp we help businesses of all sizes figure out the best strategy to keep your customers coming back for more. If you feel stuck and don’t know where to turn, consider getting the experts to take a look. Get in touch now for a free 15-minute consultation. We look forward to hearing all about you and your project.