Shopify has changed the game for businesses of all sizes. It’s now easier than ever to begin selling services and products on the web. Shopify gives you everything you need to build a successful online business.

Maybe you’ve just transitioned to using Shopify or you’re now ready to take your in-person business online. Either way, Shopify is a great choice. And here’s why…

Maximizing Your Online Business with Shopify

What makes Shopify the most popular eCommerce website building platform comes down to one thing – it’s simple and easy to use. With all the tools and navigations readily available to you, you can easily start and build your online business with Shopify. The platform offers countless features and perks that will get you all set-up and ready for the big online launch day.

  1. Customizable website layout
  2. It’s no major revelation that first impressions matter to consumers. A good-looking website layout will naturally grab your customer’s attention and interest. Luckily for Shopify users, the platform offers over 100 website templates for you to choose from. Whether you’re going for simple, vibrant, or bold, Shopify has a wide selection for you to find the perfect fit. And no – you don’t need to know HTML or programming languages to use it.
    You can also customize colors, fonts, texts, and images that are unique to your business. We recommend that you keep a uniform color scheme and ambiance across all your social platforms and website. It helps your customers recognize your brand.

  3. In-sync marketing activities
  4. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily manage your marketing activities on just one platform? Great news, Shopify helps you with that. If you have a business account on Facebook and Instagram for marketing purposes (which you definitely should), you can sync them to your Shopify website.

    This allows you to do several things that’ll make your life a whole lot easier.

    • Product images you have on Shopify can be synced to your social accounts to easily create promotional posts.
    • Simply set up the same shop on your Facebook shop and create product tags on Instagram posts so customers are directed to your website.
    • All sales and ads created on Facebook can be monitored and managed on Shopify.

  5. Live chat support
  6. Things happen. No matter how tight your operation is, you’ll almost certainly run into problems or questions from time to time. Thankfully, you’ll have access to 24/7 support when you launch your online business with Shopify. If you can’t find the answer to your questions from their extensive FAQ’s section, you’ll always have a team of experts to reach out to.

  7. Payment and shipping
  8. Shopify makes payment and shipping one less thing to worry about as you make those big bucks. Depending on the country you’re residing in, Shopify automatically syncs your shop with well-known payment methods. This is so you don’t go through the hassle of using a third-party provider.
    If your business requires shipment, you’re in luck. Shopify works with major carriers in the United States to create a seamless shipping process. Normally when you make a sale, it involves a trip to the post office to get a shipping label printed. But for a business that makes dozens of sales a day, that’s a major inconvenience. Through Shopify, you can easily print shipping labels from your home and for discounted prices.

Shopify helps you avoid unnecessary headaches when managing your online business. As your business flourishes and thrive, these tools are not only meant to help start but sustain your business for the years to come.