Project Description


The backstory

Mya Wilson is a highly experienced leadership coach and expert in emotional intelligence, diversity, and identifying value in others. Her work in public health and health administration has transformed individuals and inspired teams to adopt healthy and nurturing workplace practices. Over her 20+ year career, Mya has built a reputation for transforming lives in her city, Chicago.

After Mya’s initial discovery process with our team, we analyzed and diagnosed a disconnect between Mya’s approachable working style/professionalism, and how her voice was communicated on her existing website. As it stood, Mya’s incredible and inspiring words were not reflected in her website: it had no soul. The two needed to be aligned.

  • Analytics and Business Language

  • Content Marketing

  • Virtual Environment Design

Enter JDP

We jdp closed the gap. After auditing the existing website, we pinpointed what was needed to accurately communicate Mya’s work, her passion, and her experience through her brand online. Here‘s what we achieved:

  • Establish a strong business identity

    We initially established a solid branding that would inform the rest of our work.

    Mya’s work is people-oriented, she works with individuals and teams addressing sensitive topics with empathy. More specifically, Mya coaches people to be leaders, who can comfortably assert themselves in a professional environment.

    With this ever-present in our minds, we worked to establish a consistent visual language and communications that are simultaneously relatable, inclusive, and aspirational.

  • Identify and translate to the correct business language

    We excel at translating who you are into clear, concise, and relatable business language that connects to your audience. In this instance, when we met Mya she struggled to convey her high aptitude in emotional intelligence, and her ability to inspire leaders to those she was seeking to coach. We helped her amplify her incredible story and inspirational words by making sure they are reflected in all design and copy choices across her website. This resulted in a welcoming environment for intimate communication between Mya and her clients.

  • Illustrative content that resonates

    Identifying untapped leaders and unleashing their potential within every organization is Mya’s forte. Connecting in person, in real-time, enables Mya to coach others and bring their leadership to light. We ensured that her relatability weaved throughout all web content to tell her story truthfully and personally.

    We ensured that Mya’s business language resounded throughout her website, even down to the smallest details. For example, we used the first person (I, me) across all content to convey Mya’s approachable and intimate working style. “Contact us” is replaced with “Connect with me”. Even down to the smallest detail, we found creative ways to illustrate her approachability, reinforce Mya’s identity and create a natural interaction with her audience.

  • A handcrafted virtual environment with efficient WordPress web design

    To create the perfect virtual environment for, we had to visually represent how Mya’s business is about creating leaders through emotional intelligence. This intersection is still a relatively new concept, so we were excited to handcraft a new visual identity, where big business meets emotional intelligence and diversity.

    Scripted font juxtaposes the Chicago skyline, and high-quality close-up images of a diverse range of people illustrate Mya’s inclusivity and people-centered working style.

    The structure of the website centers around Mya herself, showcasing her expertise and establishing her as an authority in leadership and emotional intelligence. Users are left in no doubt that when they contact Mya, they’ll be greeted with a friendly, professional businesswoman who invests in your success.

  • Analytics and Business Language

  • Content Marketing

  • Virtual Environment Design

Web Design
Web Development

The story now

Now  has an unequivocal business language and identity that reflects her values, her personable working style, her professionalism and her expertise. 

We used as a tool to accomplish Mya’s goal of connecting with her audience and successfully communicating her business language to attract new clients.

jdp stayed true to their promise of being accessible after project completion for questions and technical assistance.


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