It looks like remote working is a trend that will continue into 2021 and beyond. Remote workers have proven they are more productive, happier, and more focussed than their in-office counterparts. Let’s hear it for working in your slippers!

Since they’ve done such a great job adapting, your remote workers deserve a party more than ever, but getting everyone together to celebrate at this moment in history is any combination of hazardous, illegal, or physically impossible. The solution: a virtual party, of course! So here’s a shout out to the Office Party Event Planners of 2020: pour yourself a drink and check your wifi, we’re going to help you get this e-party started.

Tips for event planners hosting a virtual office party

1. Pick a theme.

Choose a theme for the event. Plan a fancy dress and “best background decor” contest to inspire participation. Here are some alternative themes to choose from: Apres ski, Cirque de Soleil, Casino night, Film-Noir. If your team is creative, choose “puns” as a theme, or a letter of the alphabet. It’s amazing how imaginative people can get.

2. Plan a time that works well for everyone.

If your team spans various time zones, be particularly careful to find a time that suits everyone. Send out a calendar invitation with a Google Meet link or equivalent, and follow up with a jazzy themed invitation designed in Canva.

3. Prepare food deliveries.

If possible, buy your team take-out and arrange for the food to be delivered around the same time. Watch out for food preferences and intolerances. You can always send out UberEats gift cards to be on the safe side!

4. Plan Activities.

You can’t rely on music, alcohol, and tipple to keep your virtual party alive. You need to keep it structured with an activity or two. Choose an activity that your attendants will enjoy and base rounds on their likes and abilities.

  • Trivia
    Trivia quizzes are a classic, but make sure you bear your audience in mind. Will your team in India know or care about who won the Superbowl in 2015? Make sure each question covers a different topic to keep it varied and interesting.
  • Twist on a scavenger hunt
    Scavenger hunts are all about being the fastest, which is fine if your attendants are all non-disabled, or around the same age. In this twist on the game, players are given a set amount of time (approximately 1 minute) to find something that fits the description, and awards are based on the quality of what’s found. For example

    • Find something pointy. Most original pointy thing wins.
    • Find something red. Weirdest red thing wins.
    • Find something fluffy. Cutest fluffy thing wins.
    • Find something surprising. The thing that makes most people gasp wins.
    • Google search an image of an animal that looks like you. Best resemblance wins.
  • Funny tasks
    Switch up your scavenger hunt and include some fun wildcard tasks such as:

    • Make and wear the best moustache in 3 minutes.
    • With pencil and paper, draw a portrait of your colleague while looking at your screen continuously. The portrait that best resembles the subject wins.
    • Make a face out of food. Best face wins.

    Have fun debating and adjudicating each round. Players can help you decide the winners but your decision is final.

  • Prizes
    Inspire enthusiastic participation by announcing that the overall winner will receive a prize. Gift cards and subscriptions make great virtual prizes, or you can obviously post prizes to the winners

Nothing can stand in the way of a hard-working employee and an office party. We hope these tips help you plan a successful and memorable virtual event for your remote workers.