What’s new in digital marketing? Well, we’re here to keep you up to speed on the latest developments, and this time something super interesting is happening over in the content marketing world.

Content marketing has been a digital marketing hot topic for years now, and businesses of all sizes have been clamoring to figure out what works best for them: long-form or short-form? Informative or entertaining? WordPress blog or LinkedIn?

Across the board, one thing’s for sure: quality matters. You need readable, engaging content about topics that your target audience really care about. But quality content isn’t easy to find and more often than not, it doesn’t come cheap. A small business is unlikely to be able to afford the $1500/month starting price tag of most quality US-based content marketing agencies.

That’s why FIRESIDE’s latest press-release is causing a buzz amongst small business owners. Imagine having quality content, written by native and experienced writers. Imagine that those writers have followed a brief generated by AI that understands what your audience is searching for. Now imagine you can get that for a fixed price of $500/month.

How so cheap?

Marketing services company FIRESIDE has teamed up with the content writers at Authlio. They’re using AI-generated briefs to cut research time out of the picture and therefore are able to charge a fraction of Authlio’s usual asking price.

What’s an AI-generated brief?

We like to imagine R2D2 wheeling around a copywriter’s office, but sadly that’s not the case… yet! The reality isn’t as fun but it’s very interesting nonetheless.

AI programs analyze a vast amount of data from Google searches to Alexa requests to find out who exactly your target audience is, what questions they are asking, and what underlying problems they want resolving.

From this information, they can draw up a detailed brief with keywords, a recommended keyword density, and what question they need to answer in their content.

Keyword and topic research usually amounts to a lot of manhours, which means that it’s also expensive for clients of content marketing agencies. Automating this process means that content can be produced more efficiently – both in regards to time and money.

FIRESIDE’s fixed $500/month offer is a real game-changer for small businesses and it will be interesting to see if other content marketing agencies follow suit! We’ll keep our ear to the ground and let you know what we hear.

You can read FIRESIDE’s full press release here.