When you need to invest in an online marketing strategy it’s only natural to seek out the best digital marketing agencies in the business. But there’s a problem. Not only do they come with an extortionate price tag, there’s no guarantee that the agencies with the best reputation will actually give you the results you want.

Even if their tried and tested methods have worked in the past, you cannot take for granted that they’ll work in your industry with your brand. Here are some of the reasons why the “best digital marketing agencies” might cost you more than it’s worth.

1. They expect you to know a lot about digital marketing already

There is a problem with the internet marketing industry. Many if not all of them (including top digital marketing agencies) expect their clients to know what they need before they come to them.

They offer digital marketing services (Search Engine Optimization, website design, and development, content marketing, etc) and expect clients to pick from the menu, having already decided which combination of strategies will be best for their business.

See the problem? Even if you have a committed person on your team who is able to research digital marketing strategies and suggest a plan going forward, it is far more effective and efficient for digital marketing experts to be there from the start. But that brings us on to reason #2.

2. They don’t really get to know your business

Digital marketing agencies are external to your business. They’ll superficially get to know what your goals are, but they may not make enough of an attempt to understand how your business operates, and what potential lies deep within your organization.

At jdp we conduct a thorough analysis of your business. We talk to your sales team to get to know the messaging that works best for them. We discover unique selling points you didn’t know you had. We accumulate all of our findings and translate them into a cohesive business language for you to use across all your communications.

Instead of simply asking you what your goals are, we go a step further to analyze and define the best goals for your business and then put in place a strategy to get you there.

You might come to us inquiring about content marketing but discover that your business would benefit far more from a restructure of your systems and operations.

We want you to get the most out of our services. And that’s where we differ from even the “best” and most popular digital marketing agencies.

3. They are prohibitively expensive

“Throw some money at the problem, and it will go away.” This pervasive concept in business is causing businesses to leak hundreds of thousands of dollars. And if there’s one thing we hate, it’s inefficiency.

Here’s the problem. When you fork out for the best digital marketing agencies in town, they’ll apply their tried and tested formula to your business, regardless of whether it’s the best and most efficient solution. Yes, it might work, but how much does your business benefit if the cost of the service is extortionately high?

Even if you have the budget for their services, there is a more cost-effective solution out there.

With over a decade in the online marketing industry, we found that many of our clients came to us with similar frustrations and bad experiences working with digital agencies prior to coming to us.

We operate differently. We pop the hood on your business and analyze your situation thoroughly to discover where your next investment can go furthest. We work within your budget to handcraft a solution specifically for your business using the tools at our disposal.

Get in touch to bring your business in for a service at jdp.