“You have to start somewhere” is probably one of the truest statements you’ll ever hear when it comes to running your own business. Growth equals success in everyone’s mind and being able to scale your strategy and the tools you use to achieve that growth is necessary. One great tool and platform for a small business is Shopify. There are many successful Shopify stores and we’ll discuss a few of the most interesting cases.

1. Gymshark

Starting off with a prevalent name in the fitness industry boasting over a million fans on their Facebook page, Gymshark is a shining example of the scalable potential with Shopify. High-quality images paired with a seamless shopping experience make this website easy to include on this list. They make great usage of their product description pages utilizing videos that make visualizing the products even easier before you commit to making a purchase.

2. Lindt

We think that Lindt has a pretty “sweet” website, pun fully intended! Shopify is utilized and feels complete with the usage of dynamic content like a slider showcasing their featured products. The guided shopping experience is simple with the ability to “add to cart” without having to click on the product descriptions themselves. This makes ordering and checkout a breeze and very fast. This design lends itself well to products that you are familiar with and just want to purchase while not necessarily needing to learn more about the item.

3. Rocket Dog

If you have gone shopping at a mall, outlet stores, or even department stores you’ve probably come across the brand “Rocket Dog”. This Shopify store is a great example of using promotional coupons and good customer retention tactics. Right off the bat, they allow you to save money by utilizing a coupon and signing up for their newsletter.

4. Heinz

There are 57 reasons why Heinz ketchup tastes so good, and probably that many reasons why their Shopify site looks so great too. Heinz features a dynamic web slider and a very simple way to navigate their site despite their varied product lines. They also have sections created for bundling and maximizing your dollar in addition to a regular product catalog.

5. Lady Gaga’s Merch

Mother Monster chose Shopify to sell her merch on and that should tell you something. Lady Gaga kept her merch store layout very simple and categorized it simply and effectively by theme or album. The contrasting background and effortless design maximizes showcasing the products and does a great job of selling them with an easy-to-use familiar checkout process.

Convinced Yet?

Using a platform to get your business up and running can be challenging. However, Shopify simplifies the setup, allows integration, is secure, gives you loads of theme options and the ability to customize – all of these factors make it very appealing to grow on this eCommerce stage.

These are just a few examples of just how efficient and scaleable Shopify can be for your business. With the proper planning, marketing, and understanding of how an eCommerce platform works you can also become a Shopify success story and become one of the most successful Shopify stores.